Achilles repair or reconstruction

Achilles repair or reconstruction

The fibrous tissue that connects your heel to the muscles in your leg is called the Achilles tendon. Through overuse or accident your achilles can calcify and then tear or rupture and may require repair or reconstruction. Sometimes injecting Steroids can induce raptures.

A full examination to determine the extent of your injury is needed. You may require an ultrasound scan or more ideally an MRI. Based on the time and the degree of damage conservative treatment including rest, rehabilitation and progressive strengthening or operative management is recommended.

What happens during achilles repair or reconstruction?

Achilles repair or reconstruction is usually performed under general or spinal anaesthesia. An incision (cut) in the back of your leg just above your ankle. They will locate the damaged tendon and bring the ends together using stitches.Many times bony growth called Haglund growth is also removed along side.  If the damage warrants large removal of diseased tendon then a  reinforcement with another tendon in your body is done. Anchorage might be additionally added to the heel bone.  Wound is closed using stitches and apply a temporary splintage. After 3 to 4 weeks the patient is allowed to weight bear with Air walker boots till the repair is found solid. Normally the patient returns to the normal activities by 3 months time.